Kids of Cannabis: My mom & dad work in cannabis

Three Kids of Cannabis paperback books

Finally! A kitchen table conversation about cannabis you want to have with your kids. 

Kids of Cannabis is a story about three kids, Jack, Charlotte, and Bruce, whose parents work in the fast-growing cannabis CBD industry. Because of the widespread cannabis stigma, Jack, Charlotte, and Bruce haven’t told any of their friends what their parents do for work until today. 

Discover an instant family classic you can share with the whole family about entrepreneurship, education, jobs, careers, cannabis, CBD, and hemp.  

  • Fun, educational, and insightful with beautiful character illustrations.
  • The ideal gift for Mom and Dad.
  • Start a conversation about cannabis with your kids.
  • End cannabis stigma by sharing this book with family and friends.
  • The perfect cannabis accessory for your home.

Are you passionate about ending cannabis stigma and discovering the fast-growing industry? This unique first-of-its-kind cannabis children’s book is written just for you. 

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